EPITA C++ Coding Style Guidelines

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EPITA C++ Coding Style Guidelines

This document intends to establish a common coding style for the C++ projects of the EPITA students.

Covered topics:

The specifications in this document are to be known in detail by all students.

All submitted projects must comply exactly with these rules.

WARNING: Despite the fact that this document looks pretty much like that of the C Coding Style, it is different and specifies different rules. Read it carefully.

Some sections of this document are identical to the corresponding ones of the C Coding Style. In this case, they will not be repeated and you are asked to refer to the C Coding Style guidelines.

The rules specified in this document give you much more freedom than the C Coding Style one, use this freedom wisely.

The Tiger Compiler Assignment also has a section about Coding Style, you MUST follow it for TC. If the Tiger Assignment contradicts this document, then it is authoritative for the Tiger Compiler.

If you are a beginner in C++, you are strongly suggested to entirely read The C++ FAQ light of comp.lang.c++.

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How to read this document

Naming conventions

Preprocessor-level specifications

Writing style

Object Oriented considerations

Global specifications

Project layout

Differences with the C Coding Style

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