Tsuna's Server [that's where I dump my stuff -- who am I?]

Find me elsewhere online at:
 * TsunaNET (that's where I dump my random stuff)
 * My LinkedIn Profile (most probably my best resume)
 * My publications (papers, articles, reports, ...)
 * My (pseudo) blog (~technical)
 * Me on github
 * Me on ohloh
 * Random stuff @ the LRDE
 * OpenTSDB: A scalable, distributed time series database.

Some really old stuff:
 * svn-wrapper.sh: A handy portable shell script to wrap SVN and Git
   (generates template ChangeLog entries and sends emails for each commit)
 * gplize.sh: Add or update GPL headers automatically (not yet GPLv3 ready)
 * AutoTroll: Building Qt applications with the GNU Autotools
 * boost.m4: A set of M4 macros to use Boost with the Autotools
 * add-inline: Add missing `inline' keywords on definitions in C++ headers
 * svn-merge2git: A small shell script that helps to convert SVN merges to Git merges

You can reach me by mail at <tsunanet at gmail dot com>

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